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            MODEL           WEIGHT        BLADE TYPE               BLADE SIZE              HOOK      AVAILABLE IN
           BYVFT12           1/2oz          Tandem            #3 Colorado; #4 Willow        5/0      641 | 700 | 703

          Added spinnerbait vibration means extra fish-attracting potency. This bait’s frame is built from Vibra-FLX wire,
          which creates more vibration than standard stainless wire. In addition, Vibra-FLX wire offers flexible memory
          (meaning it remains tuned after several catches) and added toughness (twice as strong as standard stainless
          wire frames). Every Vibra-Flex Spinnerbait comes loaded with great features including counter-rotating blades,
          and a skirt that undulates like flat rubber, but because it is silicone is much more durable.

          641 Golden Shiner                  700 Okie Shad                       703 Shadtreuse
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