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            MODEL             WEIGHT                        BLADE                      HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
            BYCSB38            3/8oz                    Premium Nickel                   4/0            684 | 685

          If you think BOOYAH® Counter Strike Spinnerbaits get bass and bass fishermen excited (which, of course, they
          do), wait until you see the buzz the Counter Strike Buzz creates. Counter-rotating blades deliver exceptional
          stability and offer a distinctive sound that fish have not heard, even in heavily fished waters. Designed with a
          unique triangle-shaped  head,  the  Counter  Strike  Buzz will  plane  to  the  surface  quickly and  cut  through
          amazingly thick cover to draw out heavyweight bass. A multi-step painting process that creates realistic scales
          and eyes, silicone skirt and plated blades that maximize flash combine with Counter Strike Technology to create
          the ultimate buzzbait.

                    684 Luna                                              685 Alpine


            MODEL             WEIGHT                        BLADE                      HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
            BYSQ38             3/8oz                       Aluminum                      5/0         608 | 732 | 734
          A quick-planing head with the keel designed to keep it running true, paired with a unique S-curved blade allows
          the Squelcher to be fished slower than other buzzbaits without it sinking. An oversized 7mm bead helps keep
          the bait weedless while thicker wire equals more strength when you set thehook. The blade nests into the rivet
          to create a piercing squelch and, thanks to the bends, it also ticks against the frame during the
          counter-clockwise rotation for added sound and vibration. An oversized hook ensures solid hook ups, while a
          bait keeper enables the easy use of a trailer.

          608 Black
                                                                              732 River Killer

                                            734 Silver White
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